Rehabilitation programme for patients with pareses and nervous system diseases

Main benefit:

  • improving motor functions in patients with post-stroke pareses, head and spinal cord injuries, as well as degenerative CNS diseases
  • relieving pain syndromes of various aetiology

 Other benefits:

  • making the patient aware of the causes, course and results of the disease
  • explaining the significance of comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation
  • eliminating the risk factors for cerebral stroke
  • overcoming pain and depression
  • accepting rehabilitation achievement to date and establishing new aims

Therapeutic management:

  • 24-hour medical and nursing supervision
  • monitoring circulatory and respiratory efficiency
  • nutritional education
  • elimination of bad habits
  • pharmacological treatment

physical treatment:

  • individual or group rehabilitation
  • classical and vibration massages
  • balneological treatments (hydroair massage, bubble and carbonic acid baths, exercises in water, whirl massages of the limbs, thermotherapy)
  • physiotherapeutic treatments (sollux, laser therapy, magnetostimulation, magnet therapy, electrostimulation of muscles and nerves)
  • individual and group psychotherapy (self-acceptance, stress management, overcoming bad habits, acceptance of the illness)

Therapeutic effects that can be achieved:

  • improvement of motor functions and a return to independent daily activities
  • relieving pain symptoms and depressive states
  • self-acceptance during illness
  • finding new, obtainable aims in the personal, family and social life

Time needed to achieve the effects mentioned above: above 14 days

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