Systemic rehabilitation


Main benefit:

  • improving patient's general condition through:
    – increasing the range of mobility in the affected joints and spine
    –  relieving inflammations and pain

Other benefits:

Explaining the following issues:

  • the essence of the illness its course and dangerous complications
  • the significance of balneophysical treatment and kinesitherapy in rheumatic complaints
  • how to remain fit
  • the significance of maintaining a healthy body weight

Therapeutic management:

  • constant medical and nursing supervision (24-hour duty)
  • eliminating or soothing pain
  • preventing deformations and contractures in joints
  • spa treatment
    • practical application of nutritional rules
    • daily exercise (individual and in groups) under professional supervision
    • daily balneological treatments (saline bath, bath tubs, mud compresses, hydro massages)
    • physicaltherapeutical treatments (magnetotherapy, laser therapy, stimulation treatments, diadynamic Bernard's currents, Nemec's current, UD, iontotherapy, Nemectron, thermotherapy)
    • cryotherapy with gymnastics
    • massages (manual, vibration, underwater, whirl)
  • leisure and psychotherapeutic activities
  • educational sessions

Therapeutic effects that can be achieved:

  • improvement of motor skills
  • eliminating or soothing pain
  • increasing the range of mobility in limb joints and spine
  • improving physical endurance
  • reduction of body mass in overweight patients
  • improvement of mental feeling

Suggested duration of rehabilitation: above 21 days


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