The first system for floating lumbar suspension in Poland.

There are approximately 1 200 of these devices in Asia, the USA and Europe, and the first one in Poland is owned by


The innovative PROTEC SPINE system for spinal rehabilitation allows for obtaining :

  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF of pain (in most patients)
  • lumbar spine traction based on natural gravity
  • suspension of the upper part of the trunk in special rests
  • Once the seat is lowered, the pressure of the upper part of the body (as much as 60% of the body mass) on the patient's lower back is reduced.
  • The pelvic girdle and lower limbs are released.
  • The intervertebral discs, nerve roots and articular facets are immediately decompressed.
  • Lower limbs are securely suspended with a special harness.

Thanks to the suspension of the body, it is easy to induce traction, mobilization and carry out exercises of the lower part of the spine and legs.

Standard session involves 10–15 minutes of gravity traction and 10– 15 minutes of active therapy.


PROTEC SPINE is used in the treatment of:

- degeneration of intervertebral discs

- hernia and intervertebral disc bulging

- sciatic neuralgia

- narrowing of the vertebral canal

- coxarthrosis

- spinal degeneration

- radiculopathy and pseudoradiculopaty syndromes


Our therapists position the patient properly and apply an appropriate set of exercises to relief pain.




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