The human body has its own system of regeneration, which helps us recover more quickly.

Kinesiology taping is based on the functioning of this system, it improves it by activating nervous and circulatory system.

Muscles do not only serve for moving and lifting the body weight, they also control venous and lymphatic circulation. That is why muscular malfunctions may give polysystemic symptoms.

Therapists from Japan and Korea have discovered that the natural recovery process may be activated by the application of flexible tapes. Their engagement led to the development of a new treatment method for neurological, muscular and organ-related diseases.

Muscles continuously contract and relax within their range. When they contract or relax too much (for example while lifting a too heavy object), injuries occur, which result in  the emergence of inflammatory foci. When a muscle is inflamed, we can observe also oedema, fatigue, rigidity, and the space between the muscle and skin is reduced, which causes pressure on lymphatic vessels. This in consequence leads to pressure on the pain receptors in the skin, and to pain.

By lifting the skin, the tapes increase this space, which reduces pain and increases flow of lymph.

Characteristics of the tapes:

  • It can expand to 130-140% of its initial length.
  • It expands only at its length.
  • Its thickness is that same as the thickness of human skin.
  • There are no ointments or medicines on the tape.
  • They are waterproof and can be worn for several days.

Depending on the aim we want to achieve, it is necessary to think whether to stretch the tape or not, and if yes – how much it should be stretched.
It is important to remember that while sticking the tape on injured muscles, we do not stretch the tape. Instead, we stretch the skin at the place of injury. In this way, we achieve stretching the muscles and joints in the area.

In this technique, the skin is lifted up, which improves the blood and lymph circulation under its surface. When it is the joints or ligament that is injured, the tape should be stretched before sticking it to the skin. Damaged joints and ligaments cannot fulfil their function so they rely on the stretched corrective tape. Depending on the type of the injury, the tape will be stretched more or less, but the technique does not change. The basic rule while taping weakened muscles is the following: place the tape around the muscle, starting from the origin, going along the muscle and ending at its insertion point.

In order to prevent numbness and excessive spasms, the tape should be stuck starting at the insertion point towards the origin. It is also important to always stretch the skin before sticking the tape. It is extremely important in muscular pains, without prior stretching of the skin the method will not bring expected results.

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