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McKenzie Method was a result of work of Robin McKenzie, a physiotherapist from New Zealand in the 1950s. From the opening of his practice in 1953 in Wellington, he was specifically interested in the treatment of the lumbar section of the vertebral column. He continued his research and practice in the clinics of Cyriax, Stoddard, Maitland, MaigneorazKaltenborn. He developed and improved his system thanks to years of clinical studies with thousands of patients suffering from acute backbone pains and related symptoms.

During the early years of his practice, Robin McKenzie observed that patients with specific symptoms feel immediate relief after doing a series of movements, or in some cases also after choosing special static positions of the body.

The core of the McKenzie method is that is offers many patients a system for dealing with pain on their own. In some patients the help or mobilisation of the therapist is necessary, but, as McKenzie stresses, it should not be used for the whole population of patients suffering from pains in the lumbar section, as it is really necessary only to some of them.

The philosophy of self-sufficiency and independence of the patient while coping with the problem is a foundation of the McKenzie method. Therapeutic techniques are an important part of the treatment in some cases and as such they are presented in full scope during the course. However the crucial aspect of the treatment is to maximize the effects of the patient's autotherapy.




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