The concept was developed by Dr.Asdonk, the founder of the first lymphological clinic in the world, located in Germany.

The therapy is very popular and almost indispensable in many branches of medicine.

The efficiency of the proceedings stem from a combination of various therapeutic techniques (not only lymphatic massage). Thanks to them, we may treat oedemas of various types, for example:

- treat oedema related to disorders of water and mineral management in the body

- remove toxic deposits from the tissues

- shorten the convalescence period

- cure sports injuries (after joint dislocation)

The therapy consists of the following procedures:

- manual lymphatic drainage

- compression therapy

- locomotor therapy with maintained compression

- oedema treatment (used for lymphatic oedema)

- positioning

- breathing therapy


- lymphatic oedema

- post-injury oedema (after surgeries, accompanying fractures, dislocations, blows, burns, other injuries)

- venous insufficiency (varices, shin ulcers)

- oedema due to lack of physical activity (for example after cerebral strokes)

- adipose oedema (cellulite)

- idiopathic oedema

- inflammatory oedema (in the course of rheumatic disorders or due to radiotherapy)

- oedema related to arterial circulation disorders (after obliterativeatheromatosis, vascular reconstruction or ischaemic operations)

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