Prorioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

PNF - Prorioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

PNF is a concept with its own philosophy and rules for working with patients. The main aim of the therapy is:

to work on the function the patient needs.

The muscle strength and range of motion – so important in the traditional therapeutic proceedings are only a means to achieve a goal, that is a function. However, in everyday practice we tend to forget about it.

The concept recommends a holistic approach to the patients, using strong and healthy parts of the body.

It allows to use fully the reserves available in the organism, and, more importantly, ensures painless therapy, without any psychically and physically traumatic sensations.

The patient should be the partner of the physiotherapist, specifying the scope and borders. It is the patient who defines the aims of the therapy. The role of the therapist is advisory here.

Thanks to such an approach, even a patient with a large dysfunction maintains good motivation and has a positive attitude towards the cooperation with the therapist.

PNF therapy is also a whole range of activities, involving exercises on the mat, walking therapy, exercises of mimic muscles, as well as working on such functions as breathing, chewing and swallowing. 

The idea was developed in 1946 in a hospital in Valejo, California. There, a German neurophysiologist, Herman Kabat, MD together with Maggie Knott, a physiotherapist, worked on PNF. In the next years, the popularity of the Concept increased, and it has been developing and transforming, with the use of the newest achievements in medicine. After a short time, Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Centre was established, which became the main centre of development of the Concept.


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