• high output power
  • The laser can operate in two modes: continuous and pulsed.
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm; output power up to 10 W

Once all the parameters are selected, the touch screen shows the number of treated body areas, the treatment time and the amount of energy delivered to the patient.

The system provides a wide variety of treatment programmes and about 40 pre-set therapeutic protocols.

The laser can be at distance or used in direct contact with patient's skin.

It is a unique system that exposes patient's skin to the therapeutic effect of laser beam.

  • 2 types of beam expanders: 30 cm2, 120 cm2.


Indications for contact therapy:

– sports injuries

– neuralgia

– rheumatic diseases

Indications for non-contact therapy:

– zoster

– wound treatment

– burns

– bedsores



– neoplasms

– epilepsy

– mastopathy


High output power of the device, makes the patient feel gentle and pleasant heat during the therapy.

The duration of each session is adjusted to patient's individual needs, depending on the amount of energy delivered and the illness (approx. 2-10 minutes).

After the treatment, the sensation of heat may still be felt.

Thanks to the high power of the device, a relief of symptoms and pain is observed after as few as 3-4 sessions.


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